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2022-06-22 | caoml


 Dear leaders:


 I would like your company to apply for the post of foreign trade salesman,so take the liberty to write a letter cover letter,a dream of college graduates will be the beginning of your company from......

 I am a student of the University of Nationalities,senior,applied psychology professional.I am very interested in foreign trade,from the third year after the beginning of my intention to engage in import and export business after graduation.I understand that this is not for me a very easy thing,because I am neither a professional international trade professional,nor is it in English or other foreign language professional,but the application of psychology,I have never had work experience in foreign trade.Step by step but I believe that is the best shortcut,the greatest success comes from a large number of failures."Volume in sheep's clothing"and then I have been inspired to do so,"as long as perseverance,anything can be done."Almost every day I am studying Business English,a large number to listen to and practice writing business letters and business English,learn the basic knowledge of international trade,with import and export trade of the business processes and terminology,documents and so on.In addition,I also learn from some of the daily life of Japanese and Korean conversation,often online through msn and other countries using the English language users,the e-mail and so on,in the process,I can see their own progress,as well as experienced full satisfaction and fun.

 I know that everything is hard in the beginning,to the threshold of entering the foreign trade sector this is my first step,if employed,for giving me this opportunity,I am willing to start from the most basic.With the first step I believe,my second step,third step......to be more confident going,but it all depends on your company's support and help,I hope you can give me this opportunity.

 Thanks to examine deeply grateful.If an interview appointment,I immediately started training can begin to participate in the work.