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2023-02-08 | zpp

Dear Sir or Madam,
  I am writing to apply for the position of Sales Manager as advertised on your website.
  I have a degree in Business Administration,and have 5 years of sales and marketing experience.I have excellent interpersonal skills and am an articulate communicator.I am also proficient in computer applications such as Word,Excel and Powerpoint.
  This position requires strong leadership and problem solving skills.I have had the opportunity to develop these skills in a previous role and am confident that I can bring these skills to this position.
  Furthermore,I am highly organized and detail-oriented.I am able to prioritize tasks to ensure that deadlines are met,and that work is completed to the highest standards
  I am confident that I provide the ideal combination of skills and expertise that you are looking for in a Sales Manager.I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an interview and discuss my qualifications in person.
  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  Yours faithfully,
  [Your Name]

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