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2022-06-24 | caoml


 Dear Sir or Madam,

 I’m writing to you to apply for the post of Manager in the market department/I’ve read your advertisement for the position of marketing Manager in the newspaper.I’m interested in the post and hope to have the chance to join you in the future.http://www.jianli-sky.com/

 I’m a graduate from Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics.Undoubtedly,a manager in marketing department needs all kinds of qualifications such as netanizing ability,creative ideas and team spirit.It happens that I major in marketing and thus have comprehensive knowledge needed in exploring market.In the second place,I’m a quite cooperative person and welcome all chances to work with a team.I’m sure team spirit is something essential to marketing work.Last but not the least,as an ex-chairman of student union in a famous university,I have rich experience of netanizing all kinds of activities,which will benefit my work.Besides,I’m so easygoing and can make friends easily that I’m very popular with my classmates and teachers.

 If you’re interested in my application,please contact me by my mobile phone number 138****3853.I’m looking forward to your prompt reply.

 Sincerely yours,