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2022-06-13 | panda



  I am offering my resignation as operations manager of the XXX plant,effective May 15.As of now,Irsquo;m not quite sure where Irsquo;ll be looking for employment and am toying with the idea of turning one of my life-long hobbies into a profit-making enterprise.

  Frankly,Vernon,I was deeply disappointed the vacancy of general manager was filled by someone from outside the company.Through years of excellent performance

  appraisals,I was led to believe I was in line for that position.Under the circumstances,I think yoursquo;ll understand my decision to resign.

  I do appreciate the management training Irsquo;ve been given here;it has indeed prepared me well for almost any general business career I decide to pursue.My best wishes for the companyrsquo;s continued growth.